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Terms & Conditions


  1. Helprr (Chamber of Commerce number: 92242723) operates the Helprr application (Platform). On the Platform, a natural person (the Requester) can submit a request for a service, and an individual service provider (the Provider) can offer to perform the requested services. Together, the Requester and the Provider constitute the users of the Platform and will therefore also be referred to as the User(s).


  1. These general terms and conditions apply to the relationship and the agreement established between Helprr and the Users.

  2. By using the Helprr application and the associated platform, one accepts being bound by these general terms and conditions.

  3. Users refer to all natural persons who have an account on the Platform.

  4. The general terms and conditions can be consulted at


  1. Through the Platform, Helprr facilitates the interaction between the Requester and the Provider, as well as the establishment of the agreement between the Requester and the Provider (the Agreement).

  2. The Agreement is concluded between the Requester and the Provider. Helprr is explicitly not a party to the Agreement and therefore cannot be held responsible for any obligations arising from the Agreement.


  1. The Agreement is established when the Requester accepts an offer from the Provider to perform the service(s) requested by the Requester on the Platform.

  2. After acceptance, the Agreement is concluded between the Requester and the Provider. Helprr is explicitly not a party to the agreement and therefore cannot be held responsible for any obligations arising from the Agreement.

  3. The Requester and the User are free to make agreements with each other regarding the content of the Agreement.

  4. If no further agreements are made between the Requester and the Provider, the following articles shall apply.

    1. The assignment to the Provider consists of the service agreed upon between the Requester and the Provider on the Platform.

    2. The Provider carries out the Agreement at their own discretion, expense, and risk.

    3. The Requester shall provide the Provider with the necessary assistance and information reasonably required for the execution of the Agreement.

    4. The Provider declares that they possess sufficient knowledge and skills to perform the Agreement in a proper manner within a reasonable time.

    5. The Provider and Requester shall behave towards each other in accordance with the House Rules.

    6. The Requester can revoke the assignment to the Provider at any time.


  1. In order to use the Platform, the User is required to create a profile (the User Profile). The User is obliged to complete the User Profile fully and truthfully.

  2. The User is obliged to delete, modify, or supplement the provided information as soon as it can be considered incorrect, incomplete, or misleading due to changed circumstances.

  3. The User may only register one User Profile. The User shall use their User Profile solely for personal use. The User shall not share their login credentials with others or otherwise grant others access to their User Profile.

  4. Helprr reserves the right to identify the User in order to guarantee the safety of other Users. Pending this identification, Helprr may deny Users access to the Platform.

  5. If, in the judgment of Helprr, a User acts in violation of the general terms and conditions or in a manner that cannot reasonably be expected of a User, Helprr has the right to delete the User Profile and temporarily or permanently deny the User access to the Platform.


  1. Helprr provides Users with the opportunity to evaluate the performance of another User in relation to the Agreement. These reviews are used by Helprr to promote the Platform and improve the quality of the execution of the Agreement.

  2. If a review, in the opinion of Helprr, does not contribute to promoting quality, Helprr may modify or remove the review in whole or in part.

House Rules

  1. The User shall at all times exercise the care expected of a reasonable and decent User when using the Platform.

  2. Part of the House Rules includes that the advertisements, messages, or data posted by the User on the Platform shall not contain information such as:

  3. Offensive language and insults;

  4. Encouragement of illegal activities or the use of illegal substances or objects;

  5. Obscene or sexually explicit language;

  6. Defamation, slander, or irrelevant content, or any other information that is contrary to the law or good morals; or

  7. Unlawful discrimination based on age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or political preference.

Liability and Indemnity

  1. Helprr is not involved in the execution of Agreements and therefore has no control over the proper performance of any obligations arising from these Agreements. Consequently, Helprr is not liable for the performance of any obligations under the Agreement or for any damages resulting from the improper performance thereof.

  2. The User indemnifies Helprr against damages and costs related to the Agreement and its execution, including any claims by third parties.

  3. If Helprr is liable for damages or costs and is unable to invoke the aforementioned exoneration clauses for any reason, its liability is in any case limited to an amount of EUR 300.00.

  4. The liability of Helprr is in all cases limited to direct damages. Direct damages do not include consequential damages, loss of profit, loss of savings, or loss of data, among others.

  5. Specifically, Helprr is not liable for damages or costs resulting from:

    1. Actions of Users in connection with the Agreement or the use of the Platform;

    2. Temporary or permanent inability to use the Platform;

    3. Incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information; or

    4. Unlawful use of the Platform and Helprr's systems by third parties.

Helprr's compensation

  1. Helprr recognizes the desire of its Users not to be confronted with unexpected costs. If damage occurs to a User's property during the execution of an Agreement, Helprr may choose to compensate the User up to twice the Price with a view to the satisfaction of its Users on the Platform.

  2. Helprr will make a commercial assessment on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not to compensate for the damage suffered by a User in connection with a Task Agreement. The provision set forth in this article (the Helprr Compensation) does not create a contractual obligation for Helprr to compensate for certain damages.


  1. Helprr collects, processes, and uses the personal data of Requesters and Service Providers on the platform in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

  2. Helprr will provide Users with the opportunity to modify their data.

  3. Users can consult the comprehensive privacy policy at any time at


  1. Helprr has no control over the execution of an Agreement. Therefore, Helprr cannot guarantee the quality of service provided by individual Service Providers.

  2. If a User has a complaint about Helprr's working method, Helprr will make efforts to handle the complaint as accurately as possible.


  1. Dutch law applies to this User Agreement.

  2. Disputes arising from this User Agreement will be exclusively submitted to the Amsterdam District Court in the first instance.

  3. If one or more provisions of this User Agreement are declared null and void or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this User Agreement.

  4. Helprr reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. The amended terms will be communicated by email at least two weeks before they take effect.

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